Adam is an adept writer of authentic brand messaging, comprehensive thought leadership, and technical documentation. Lately, he is rapt by the tangled narratives of Austrian Economics, western social unrest, Jungian psychoanalysis and capital-R Religion. Adam studied screenwriting at NYU and FAMU Prague and creative fiction at NYU Paris with Zadie Smith and Katie Kitamura.

orexinomics - nascent newsletter of creative work + reflections
mediachain blog - research contributor and editor
matryx blog - writer + ghostwriter
orexinomics (old) - scrap buffer - older personal blog
matryx whitepaper -  brief garnered ~$12m in revenue

(old) angry articles:
When Cultural Deism Becomes Tyranny - diatribe
The Placebo Politics of Pop - 🤭 controversial on r/hiphopheads
How to Kill the Reclusive Genius - cute