Adam is an adept writer of “authentic” brand messaging, “thought leadership” 🙄, and technical documentation. Lately, he is rapt by the tangled narratives of Austrian economics, western social unrest, Jungian psychoanalysis and capital-R Religion. Adam studied screenwriting at NYU and FAMU Prague and creative fiction at NYU Paris with Zadie Smith and Katie Kitamura.

orexinomics - nascent newsletter of creative work + reflections
mediachain blog - research contributor and editor
matryx blog - writer + ghostwriter
orexinomics (old) - scrap buffer - older personal blog
matryx whitepaper -  brief garnered ~$12m in revenue

(old) angry articles:
When Cultural Deism Becomes Tyranny - diatribe
The Placebo Politics of Pop - 🤭 controversial on r/hiphopheads
How to Kill the Reclusive Genius - cute