Adam is an adept writer of authentic brand messaging, comprehensive thought leadership, and technical documentation. He is rapt by the converging narratives of art economics, pragmatic blockchain apps, and P4 medicine. Adam studied creative fiction under Zadie Smith, Katie Kitamura, and Helen Schulman in NYC and Paris.

mediachain blog - research contributor and editor
matryx blog - writer + ghostwriter
orexinomics - (in utero), personal explorations in biohacking

When Cultural Deism Becomes Tyranny - re: ye - on medium
The Placebo Politics of Pop - ~750 responses on reddit
How to Kill the Reclusive Genius - on medium

technical writing and b2b sales:
matryx whitepaper - robust design brief garnered ~$12m in token purchases
user success story - Zoran Radic - case study for B2B software sales
matryx blackpaper - colloquial exploration of IP hashing blockchain platform

NEW MONEY - sample of creative nonfiction manuscript, rep. currently negotiating with publishers