junior ruckus is a not-for-profit media org specializing in production and consulting for art + technology projects.

planted c. 2013 in honolulu by @ottomanbob + @keitawf in an asphalt wake. now focused in nyc, california, and tokyo.

our friends:
hallie.ai - product
nanome - web + brand
matryx - web + brand
mediachain - research
tyler mitchell (for brockhampton, i-D) - production asst.
junoflo - end-to-end production
pangean vision (yashxana) - production asst. + compositing
for the free - end-to-end production
del water gap - web
harper collins (for p. Sakamoto) - production
health tech apps hawaii - mobile application content
kinetic productions - distribution models + production

our marketable skills:
end-to-end video production
brand architecture + messaging
sensible copy + inbound content
product + operations consultancy

our types of things:
fun hip-hop
sharp songwriters
personalized healthcare
practical blockchain

our contact:
general - aloha@juniorruck.us
inquiries - howzit@juniorruck.us